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The Best Property Development company in Bangalore - Lakshmi Nirman was Established in the year 1988. The promoter of Lakshmi Nirman G.R Suresh, 1978 passed BE Graduate with Diploma in Business management. Prior to starting this company, he had worked for a well-known Bangalore based construction company executing works in cement plants, power plants, Etc. Lakshmi Nirman to start with, executed many individual residential buildings in and around Bangalore and scaled it to a larger construction projects. Among the larger projects, noteworthy projects executed are for,. Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, Indian oil corporation Ltd, MICO (Bosch) Bangalore, MAHE Manipal group, Brigade enterprises, Prestige projects Ltd, G-Corp group, and many more projects totalling to about 86 major projects. All of this combined makes us the best property development company in Bangalore.

Lakshmi Nirman
Lakshmi Nirman

Method Statement - Property Development Company

Testing & Survey Equipments


200 ton compression testing M/c4Nos
100 Ton Compression Testing M/c8Nos
Electronic Weighing Balance8Nos
Cube Moulds320Nos
Coarse & Fine aggregate Sieves10Sets
Silt Test Apparatus16Nos
Slump Test Apparatus10Nos


10 Second Theodolite2Nos
20 Second Theodolite6Nos
Auto Dumpy Levels10Nos
Ranging Rods40Nos

Shuttering Materials

Floor Form22000Sqm
Telescopic Props16000Nos
Adjustable Spans10500Nos
Cup Lock System12500Sqm
A.P.S. Units2000Nos
H - Frame Scaffolding9500Sqm
Plywood Shuttering4200Sqm
Ledger Tubes6000Nos
Double & Swivel Couplers10000Nos
Stirrup Heads & Base Plate1600Nos
Drop Head Systems800Nos

Safety Policy

As the best property development company in Bangalore, Lakshmi Nirman as always seen safety as a priority.
Safety steps that we take at our construction site:-
  • Starting with safety instructions- Before starting work on-site, every employee possesses a valid white card. Each employee also receives site-specific introduction training, which will identify any high-risk areas and offer emergency management guidelines.
  • Risk reduction and management- It is hard to eliminate all safety dangers due to the nature of building operations. However, by doing routine safety audits and having protocols in place to report, we evaluate and deal with potential risks, and many common safety issues are avoided by practising this.
  • Site Safety- We restrict access for more reasons than only securing equipment against theft or damage. To safeguard pedestrians from potential construction hazards, security is essential both during and after work hours. This includes guardianship or permitted site visitors.
  • Safe work method evaluation- All high-risk construction projects require the preparation of a safe work method evaluation before work can begin. The scope of the project, any potential safety concerns, and the risk management strategy are all covered in the safe work method evaluation. Construction activity doesn’t start legally until the safe work method evaluation requirements have been met.
  • Usage of obvious signs all over the place- A 24-hour emergency contact number and a map or directions to the site office are prominently displayed on the construction site so that all safety procedures are easily accessible. Site facilities (including restrooms), entry and exit locations, and first aid or emergency fire equipment are clearly marked with signage.
  • Entry and Exit points- To improve pedestrian safety at busy intersections, we separate entry and exit points on sites for heavy equipment and vehicles.
  • Environmental conditions-Serious safety risks can result from extreme weather conditions. In the event of a natural disaster, extreme environmental conditions, or other emergencies, our on-site emergency plan clearly outlines the procedures for employees who must halt working.
  • First Aid- A first aid officer is available for the workers on the construction site. First aid supplies and equipment are placed in a location that is simple to find on the construction site.
  • Provide personal protective equipment- We provide personal protective equipment for construction site employees, like bright visibility vests, safety goggles, and safety harnesses, which are frequently required by employers.
  • Dropped objects- We are in charge of keeping things safe on-site and reducing the chance of things falling. Once the job is finished and our workers have left, construction safety doesn’t end. The use of the proper tools and high-quality materials is ensured by all parties participating in the construction process if future safety issues are to be avoided.

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